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Diaper Drives

Submitted by Danny G., Seattle, WA

Diapers and wipes represent two of the biggest expenses for new parents. The average baby will go through 5,000 diapers in their life according to Wired Magazine. At an average cost per diaper ($0.31 based on this article)that comes out to $1,550.

So how can you make up that money? By having a cover charge at the baby shower (aka Diaper Drive). That's right, make your friends bring you diapers and wipes for free.

My wife and I were trying to have babies for six years and during that time lots of people became involved or interested in our story. When we got pregnant with our twins we ended up having 3 baby showers to accommodate everyone. We had diaper drives at 2 out of our 3 baby showers and when all was said and done there were over 2500 free diapers and over 4000 free wipes. Maybe there aren't enough people coming to your shower to make those kinds of numbers happen, but every little bit helps.

So here are some tips for making your diaper drive successful:

1. Give a prize for the person who brings the most diapers and the person who brings the most wipes. $20 gift cards should do.

2. Mention the diaper drive prominently on the invitation.

3. Be very clear when people ask: you will turn people without diapers or wipes away at the door. (Note: you can be kidding but look serious)

4. Mention what brand you prefer and encourage people to bring different stages.

5. Register for diapers so no one forgets to pick some up.

Good luck Dads and let us know how many diapers you got at your shower(s).

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