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First Laughs

Submitted by Danny G., Seattle, WA

If you've ever seen "The Actor's Studio" then you probably know that a childs laughter is the most popular "favorite sound." But since we are daddies and couldn't care less what actors think anyway, how can we take that seriously? The only way is to experience it.

People always talk about the first time a baby rolls over, sits up, walks, or talks. Rarely is laughing even mentioned. I don't know why baby's first laugh is considered to be a minor milestone. I move that it is the MOST important. Parents need to know when they are making their children happy. Smiles accomplish this several weeks before laughs, but smiles are not even remotely as satisfying.

Those of you who have already had children probably remember the first time your baby had a good belly laugh. What did you feel like in the weeks before? And how did you feel after? I'm willing to guess that you were more relaxed because your baby let you know that you were as funny as you thought you were. I'm also guessing that in the days following your baby's belly got pruny with mouth farts because you were trying to re-create that laugh.

So new dads take heart! Unless you have a voice like Ben Stein your baby in all likelyhood does find you funny. That first laugh should materialize in 12 to 16 weeks (according to this article) and you will finally have something in common with movie stars.

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