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The Baby Owner's Manual

Submitted by Danny G., Seattle, WA

Lots of parenting books don't exactly speak the same language that Dads speak. There is a book however, which can educate even the most gear-headed of us about how to be a new Dad.

Meet "The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance." With Chapters like "Feeding: Understanding the Baby's Power Supply" and "Programming Sleep Mode" this book touches on many useful topics of daddyhood. Since one of the Co-Authors is an M.D. there is lots of talk about how to consult the child's "Service Provider."

The authors have injected a large amount of humor by carrying the "Owners Manual" theme to its limits. Entire paragraphs seem to be pure technobabble using the terms outlined in various drawings and diagrams. One of the bigger graphics is a technical drawing of a baby which labels all the important parts. Once you learn about the "Waste Output/Thermometer Port" you can learn how to "Installing a Diaper" I won't give away all of the funny parts of this book, of which there are a lot.

Besides being entertaining, this book written in an intelligent and easy to understand voice. Strategies for handling a number of eventualities are explored including how to treat "Cradle Cap", making the transition from feeding the baby to having the baby feed itself, and how to answer the age old diaper question: cloth vs. disposable.

You should buy this book if you are looking for a baby book you actually want to read cover to cover. For new Dads, there will be revelations every few pages and real ways to handle the logistics of daddyhood. Keep this close at hand as things come up with your newborn or if you just need a chuckle at 3am on a Monday morning after rocking your new model back to sleep (for the fifth time).

The Baby Owners Manual is available here.

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