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The Boppy® Pillow – A Technological Marvel


Submitted by Danny G., Seattle, WA

The C-shaped Boppy Pillow was invented by Susan Brown in 1989.  Since then millions have been sold all over the world. 

Now, I know that as first time Dads when you are walking through the store scanning barcodes and see a Boppy Pillow you are probably tempted to walk right by.

But hold on!

Before you make such a rash decision consider how Dads can benefit from placing a Boppy around their waist.

  1. Reduce stress on your back when handling your baby.
  2. Bring the baby to a more comfortable height.
  3. You can bond more with your baby by bringing them closer to your face without straining your arms.
  4. As your baby gets heavier, it can become hard to get them into a comfortable position for bottle feeding unless you have a Boppy.

It is unlikely that your spouse will let you walk by one of these technological marvels.  In the rare case where this does happen please remember that a Boppy is one of those great gifts which can benefit the Daddy as much as the Mommy.

To learn more about the Boppy Pillow visit http://www.boppy.com

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