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Top 7 Books for New Dads

3063293727_1a65dc0547_m Submitted by Danny Grubb, Seattle, WA

You won’t have time to read more than 7 books before you have your child.  You will have your hands full with getting ready for the special delivery and taking care of Mommy.  Of course, you don’t want to be completely clueless about the biggest change in your adult life.  When I first found out we were going to have twins I went on a panicked trip to Barnes & Noble where I was soon overwhelmed!  There are thousands of parenting books out there and deciding which ones to read can be a daunting task.  So to help you out, I have decided to describe the seven books I still use as reference guides seven months after my twins were born.  There are some that are for reference and some that should be read all the way through.  Click the book title for more information.

For Dads Who Know How To Read Schematics: The Baby Owner’s Manual

Glad Dads has reviewed this book before.  It is filled with common sense advice on how to take care of the little one in an efficient and practical way.  It has some funny labels attached to its diagrams and the key players in the baby’s life (i.e. the Baby’s Doctor is called the Service Provider).  This book can be used as a quick reference for everyday parenting problems such as “How do I treat Cradle Cap?”

For Dads Who Like A Calm House: The Happiest Baby on the Block

Though the hunt for a tranquil house may be futile, there are methods which can help you improve your odds.  This book can help you learn techniques for calming down a newborn and building healthy sleeping habits.  I do not consider this a reference book except for the odd diagram on swaddling or sleep cycles.  You should really read this one through to the end.  You will learn how to approximate the womb environment and the five S’s which help trigger the baby’s calming reflex.

For Dads Who Like To Be On Top Of Things: Juggling Twins

You may not be having twins, but I recommend reading this book through anyway.  You will learn how to battle baby logistics.  Some things in this book will be specific to twins, but other advice can be transferred to single child households as well.  How better to learn efficiency with baby than from someone who has two of the same age.  Take it from a Dad of twin girls… if it weren’t for some of the advice in this book we would be having a much harder time managing our household right now.

For Dads Who Like Bargains: Baby Bargains

This book is approaching 10 editions!  It has useful product reviews as well as tips on how to save money when baby shopping.  If you’re wondered “How am I going to afford a Baby?” this book should ease some of your fears.  When we were pregnant we took it shopping with us.  Whenever we were faced with a good deal on a stroller or a bouncer, we checked the book first to make sure that this product rated well.  Think of it as a portable internet (if you’re dependent on the web for just about everything like yours truly).  At the time we couldn’t get good reception on our smart phones in the baby store (Lead Paint from China maybe?).

For Dads Who Like To Be In The Know: Dr. Spock’s Baby And Child Care

“The” Book.  If you can’t find it in here, you don’t need to worry about it.  From newborns to adolescents, this book will lead you through your child’s life.  I recommend reading ahead in this one to be prepared for what lies ahead.  There is one thing this book is really good at… parental affirmation.  As you read along Dr. Spock, you will find that the language is patient, encouraging and really soothing.  If you ever get stressed out because you don’t know something, dig this book out, find what you need to know and let the book hold your hand as it gets you through the next few obstacles in parenthood.  I can not recommend this book enough.

For Dads Who Like To Play: The Parent’s Guide to Play

If you’re wondering how to entertain your little bundle of joy this book is for you.  There are 170 activities you can do with your child from birth to 2.5 years.  This is a great book when your child is crying and you’re desperately trying to come up with something to be entertaining. Grab the book, go to the appropriate chapter and pick something!  Read ahead in this book because there are some games which require toys you may not have.

For Dads Who Like To Know What’s Next: What To Expect The First Year

Every Chapter in this book is for a different age (1 months, 2 months, etc.).  Starting each chapter is a section that goes over what things your child should be able to do and what they may be able to do soon.  We find ourselves checking these sections every time one of the girls discover how to do something new.  Each chapter is also filled with articles covering everything from nutrition to reading to your baby.

Whether you read these books to reinforce things you already know or as a way to gain confidence for your new adventure doesn’t matter.  As Dads, every time we learn something that helps the family we have done our jobs.  Therefore it is our call to give ourselves every opportunity to learn something new.  These books will help, if you are looking for other sources of parenting information there are a lot of great blogs to read out there.  You can find a great selection of parenting blogs in our blogroll to the right.  If you’re interested in reading more Glad Dads, feel free to subscribe above.

Happy Reading!

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