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Best Recipe Sites For Healthy Eating (By A Dad Who Didn’t)

130384035_0f47baddd6_m Submitted by Danny Grubb, Seattle, WA

Since starting my Marathon training this year I have made an effort to eat healthier. After tearing apart all the foods that we had been eating I was shocked to learn how unhealthy our diets actually were.

It was time for a change. I wanted to cook healthier, but I didn’t want to buy a slew of recipe books to do it. Like most things in my life, this problem drove me online. I didn’t have to search long before I found a handful of sites that fit exactly what I was looking for, and some that were a little disappointing.

The site I ultimately chose to spend the bulk of my time on had to have:

  1. Free access!
  2. A robust recipe search.
  3. A shopping list feature which would make going to the store easier.
  4. Nutritional facts.
  5. Community feedback.


This site provided the most detailed searches of all the ones tested. The categorical search was by far the most useful as you could filter on "Heart Healthy" and "Diabetes Prevention" to get a list of recipes that accomplish both goals. You can save searches and recipes you like if you have an account. So far the recipe’s that we really like include Paco’s Favorite and Chicken, Corn and Tomatillo Chili.


The recipe search on this site was one of the best searches I came across. The only problem was the relatively low number of recipes that met more than one health criteria (ex: "Heart Health" and "Diabetic" yielded 0 results). With an account you can save recipes, menus and shopping lists. It met all of my criteria, but didn’t have many (if any) recipes for the health categories.


This site really surprised me as an ardent Alton Brown and Iron Chef viewer. The searching is awkward as it tends to include non-healthy recipes from other parts of the site. Using topics gets you farther along the healthy recipe track, though you cannot filter on two topics at once (i.e. Low Carb, Low Cholesterol). Like the other sites you can save recipes if you have an account. The upside to this site is that the recipes are sometimes created by the chefs you see on TV.


The login page did not include a place to register (go figure) so I cannot talk about any benefits of registering. On this site I recommend using the "Advanced Search" as it is similar to the Runners World categorical search. This site has some potential, but it needs serious thought and development to make it better (I’m available for a fee :). 





Creates Shopping List

Nutritional Facts

Community Feedback

Runners World Magazine Site


Yes (Free - Only required to save recipes, menus or shopping lists)

Yes (Per Recipe or Menu)


Ratings / Comments

MyRecipes.com is a site which combines recipes from multiple lifestyle magazines.


Yes (Free - Only required to save recipes, menus or shopping lists)

Yes (With Account)


Ratings / Comments

Food Network Site


Yes (Free - Only required to save recipes, menus or shopping lists)



Ratings / Comments

Food Fit


Yes (Although I could not find where to register)

Yes (Per Recipe)


Ratings / Comments

I have incorporated healthier eating into my diet to the tune of cooking 2-3 meals a week from these sites. After about 3 weeks I’ve already lost some weight which my knees appreciate as I continue to build my weekly mileage.

What have you done to try and eat healthier?

Photo © belongs to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/calliope/

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