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Baby Proof Your Life: Helpful Tips For New Dads (Giveaway)

image001 Submitted by State Farm Insurance

1. Take help when it’s offered - New babies are a lot of work and while you’ve spent a lot of time preparing, caring for your new son or daughter still requires a lot of work. Delegate simple tasks (like grocery shopping) to others. This way, you can focus on the most important part of caring for your new baby and ensure you get a chance to rest too.

2. Think long-term - Caring for your baby requires lots of attention now, but you can take small actions now to help solidify his/her future. Consider starting a college fund for your baby and take advantage of long term saving and planning. State Farm has numerous options to serve your saving needs. 

3. Stock up - If you think you have enough diapers and baby wipes on hand, you don’t. You can always use more. Babies go through them – fast.  

4. Babies Move – Before you know it, your baby will be mobile and have their hands in everything. Set up safety rules at home for your family to follow around the stove, sink, bathtub and electronics. Baby-proofing cabinets, doors and gates is never a bad idea.

5. Mistakes Happen - Don’t expect perfection. You’re going to make mistakes sometimes and that’s ok. Your baby will still be healthy and happy if you forget to turn on his or her light night one evening.

6. Check-in on your insurance – Make sure your family is covered and prepared for the unexpected. Talk to your insurance agent to be sure your health, home and auto insurance include everything you need to keep you and your new addition covered.

7. Take turns - You and your wife are a team – so don’t be afraid to pitch in with a late night feeding.

8. Learn the different kinds of crying – Not yours, your baby’s. Pay attention to how your newborn’s cries may differ based on what they need and you’ll be more ready to help them.

9. Trust your gut. As you care for your little one, don’t over think and overcomplicate things. Giving into fears makes you doubt yourself, and after all the preparing you’ve done, you’re definitely ready to be a new parent. Trust yourself – you can do it!

10. Enjoy yourself – Take the time to enjoy your new baby and being a Dad. There will be a big learning curve and some challenges along the way, be sure to stop along the way and enjoy the time with your baby, it goes fast!

The Giveaway

State Farm is putting up 2 “Good Neigh-bear” gift baskets for a giveaway. The baskets include a baby bib and silverware set. I have been assured that your information will not be used for marketing purposes.

To Participate:

  1. In 50 words or less, write a parenting tip (which is not included in the above list) in the comments below.
  2. Make sure you enter your email address when you comment or use your IntenseDebate account. Otherwise I won’t know how to get a hold of you!
  3. The deadline to enter is Wednesday, March 31 at 11:59pm.

Note to GladDads.com readers: No payment was received for the posting of the above article. I actually liked a lot of the points in this list and I like to give my readers a chance at giveaways. As this is as much your blog as mine, please let me know if you would like to see more giveaways like this in the future (or not). -- Danny

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