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A Glimpse Into The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Dad: Part 1

DSC02014 Submitted by Joe Beckman at PapaGio.net

Okay so right off the bat, I need to confess that I’m not a full-time stay at home dad. With that said I have my summer’s off, and several different weeks throughout the year I take off to be home exclusively with my daughter Sophia. So we do spend a ton of quality time together.

The following is a snippet from last week...from the perspective of a Papa. Enjoy!

Important note... I have a few things stacked against going into this matchup.

~ My wife has recently decided to severely cut down cartoon time. This includes in the car.

~ We’re in the process of potty training. Up to this point we have seen poor results.

~ No naps!

~ She’s 2 ½ years old.

Day 1


I wake up to Sophia laying in my bed.  Slowly, yet forcefully, she slaps my face until I wake up. 

“Yes?” I say

“Papa, I hungry.”

“You are? For what?” 

“I hungry for a Minnie Mouse pancake.”

“A Mickey Mouse pancake? Sure thing,” I say as I get out of the bed.  And then a scream.  Not just any old scream…an unnaturally loud and insanely high-pitched scream.  I stop in my tracks. "What the hell just happened?  Did I just step on a land mine that only she knows about...and if I take one more step both of us will be gonners?"


Meltdown Number 1

Not off to a good start. 

*side note. The “Minnie” pancake looks exactly the same as the “Mickey” pancake. 

We sit down at the table. She eats about 1 bite of the pancake and three fourths of my cereal. I remind her that the Minnie Mouse pancake was her idea in the first place, and that if she wanted cereal she should have just asked for it. She laughs…toots…laughs at the toot…and then pees her pants.

Meltdown Number 2 

Seriously?  This is how we're gonna start our week? 

And then BAM! The dog looks at with his head cocked at a funny angle, and she starts to giggle. And giggle, and giggle even harder..and now she’s full out belly laughing. The day takes a turn for the better. Every once in a while Tobey comes thru in the clutch…the other times he spends it licking his own butt. Seriously.

9:39 am

We need to get out of the house. I remember we have bought a pass to the Children’s Museum.

*side note: For those who don’t own the season pass, it’s a great family gift. The pass has paid for itself already and it hasn’t even been 3 months since I’ve had it. It rocks! I digress.

So we go to the Children’s Museum and she is in heaven. We have a blast painting our faces, banging on drums, climbing through ant hills, and ROARING at dinosaurs. Best part of all, we were 4-4 on going “potty in the toilet.” That’s right…I said “potty in the toilet.”  Don’t judge me.


We come home, eat lunch, watch our 1 cartoon of the day, and took a walk outside. She wanted to see “Maddie and Jack,” her cousins that live 8 blocks away. I agree. We get there and no one answers the door. I tell her that “Maddie and Jack are sleeping…they can’t play.” She is not happy with this.

Meltdown Number 3a 

During meltdown 3a she pees her pants.

Meltdown Number 3b


We get home, change pants, snuggle on the couch. I whisper “I love you.” She whispers it back. We have a moment where we non-verbally understand that we are the center of each other’s worlds, and that without each other our lives would be, although at times less stressful, also less adventurous…a one of kind moment that no piece of candy, or cartoon, or song, or snack, could ever break up…ever. Just then mom walks through the door.

Sophia... gone. I...chop liver. Moment...over. Week... just beginning.

Joe Beckman is the founder of Papagio.net.  He believes in honoring Dads and the unique attributes they provide when invested and involved.  You can find him on TV, Facebook, and Twitter.


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