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A Glimpse Into The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Dad: Part 2

DSC02042 Submitted by Joe Beckman at PapaGio.net

Although there are plenty of amazing things that happen during the day as a stay-at-home dad, some activities must be left to the evening only.   Mama is out for a girls’ night, and Sophia and I decide that staying in the house is just too boring.  The following is from my week home with her…the p.m. version. 

I’m a Wingman.  Always have been, always will be. 

If you don’t know what a Wingman is, it’s probably because you have never had the experience of someone stepping up to help you find love.  Or, you’ve never seen Top Gun.  Either one borders on tragic, and needs to be remedied.

A Wingman is someone who has the ability to set up others for success when it comes to meeting people of attraction.  It’s an admirable trait, but nothing that I usually put on my resume under “talents and skills.”  However, the other night when my 2 ½ year-old daughter proved that she was a carrier of the Wingman gene, I was one proud papa.


Listen, generally I’m not the guy that goes out and uses kids or dogs or ferrets, etc…to help find dates for my friends.  However, I would do anything for my buddy Chris.  About 2 years ago he went through a pretty ugly divorce that, from an emotional standpoint, tore him apart.  He’s one of the better guys I’ve ever met, and deserves to find someone to start a life with. 

With that said, this was not pre-mediated.  As other Wingman understand, your instincts just kick in. Now I know this is true whether you are 30 or 2 ½. 

Day 2


Sophia and I arrive at Chris’s condo.  Mama had a girl’s night so we decided to go swimming at his indoor pool.  Sophia is timid at first but before I know it, she’s jumping off the side, kicking her feet, laughing hysterically as I throw her in the air.

After several “no running!”  reminders, and just barely averting a “poop in the pool” crisis (my daughter, not me), we decide it’s about time to head up for some pizza.  Chris heads to the bathroom, and Sophia and I walk towards the door. 

Enter stage right, attractive woman with young daughter. 

Sophia stops dead in her tracks. I diagnose that Sophia stops for one of two reasons…

~ She is awestruck by the fact that the little girl is wearing a life jacket with 4 different Disney princesses on it. Or…

~ She’s preparing for step 1 in the Wingman process.  I’d like to believe it was the later.

Step 1: Start The Conversation

“Sophia, would you like to go meet that little girl?”

“Uh, huh” she says, and starts walking over towards her. 

“HI!,” says Sophia rather loudly.

“Well hi there,” says the mom of the little girl.   Perfect.  We’re in. 

Step 2: Gain Information

Shortly into the conversation I learn through a strategic set of Wingman questions, that mom’s name is Melissa, 3 year old girl is Violet.  Melissa is a spin instructor (cycling based fitness class), a new tenant in Chris’s condo, and most importantly, single.

Side note:  A moral Wingman is not a home wrecker.  If I would have gleaned that she had a boyfriend, husband, partner, etc…  we would have tipped our hats, and said our goodbyes.  This was not the case however, so game on.

Just then Chris walks out of the bathroom, and we need to make “the transfer”.

Step 3: The Transfer

“Hey Chris, Melissa is new here in your building…she might have some questions about getting around.” 

Joe exits stage left to go hang with Sophia and Violet, who are hitting it off like long lost friends. Transfer complete. 

Note:  Sophia is hungry, tired, and slightly constipated.  At any time she could lose it, and Chris would have to end his conversation prematurely, before he is able to lay the ground work necessary to obtain contact information for a future rendezvous.  She hangs tough however, because that’s what a true Wingman does.  What a trooper.

Step 4: Seal The Deal.

Knowing that our time is growing short, I need to seal the deal.

“Chris, look at these two!”  I say, referencing the girls and how well they are playing. 

“You should get Melissa’s number so that the next time Sophia and I come over she can hang with Violet.”   Numbers exchange.

“And Chris, Melissa told me she teaches spin classes.  You’re totally into working out, you should go sometime.”  They set a date.

Sophia, like any good Wingman, senses when it is time to exit.  She steps out of the pool, yells “BYE!” to everyone and makes her way toward the elevator.

After pizza, Sophia and I head home and I put her to bed.  As I turn off her lights, I kiss her on the cheek, and whisper in her ear “you just helped make the world better for Chris.  I’m proud of you.”  She gives me a knowing smile back, closes her eyes, and falls asleep.  What a girl. 


Chris and Melissa have been seeing each other non-stop since that night, and are happy little bees.

Another day in the life of a (non-traditional) stay-at-home dad. 

To read further posts from this series visit www.papagio.net/plog

Joe Beckman is the founder of Papagio.net.  He believes in honoring Dads and the unique attributes they provide when invested and involved.  You can find him on TV, Facebook, and Twitter.

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