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A New Beginning For GladDads.com

Community To the dads, papas, fathers, stepdads, expecting dads, wily vets, single-family dads, stay at home dads, and ALL the adults and children who support them.

My name is Joe Beckman. I am 31.  I was born, raised, and currently live Minneapolis/St. Paul.  I have an amazing wife named Jess, Shit Tzu named Tobey (stress the first word in the title of the breed), and as of this summer, a few squirrels who have decided that running around my attic at 6:30 am is more fun then a barrel of monkeys. 

3 years ago Jess and I decided to go halves on a baby, and nine months later we were graced with the beautiful, spunky, Energizer bunny-esque daughter named Sophia.  She’s hilarious, imaginative, boisterous, crazy, and has gone on a nap boycott since she was just a little over 2. 

I work several different jobs…youth worker, dj, server, commercial actor, but ALL of these take a back seat to the job of dad, father, or as Sophia calls me, papa. 

So what’s the point?  Why am I writing to you?  Here’s why…I’ve been a guest blogger for Glad Dads for a little over 5 months now, and when Danny asked someone to step up while he stepped down, I knew it had to be me.  I’ve been a huge fan of the blog even before I started posting and am both honored and humbled to be taking on this position.

However, truth being told, it CANNOT just be me.  Glad Dads has created an amazing community since its inception and I plan on nurturing that as well as doing what it take to try to grow it.  So if you have ideas, posts, videos, links, resources, beer, or anything else that you feel would be of value, please don’t hesitate to contact me at joe@papagio.net.  I have a lot of ideas myself, and I’m pumped to share them with you as we move forward.

I am confident that we as a Glad Dad community can work together to connect with as many families as possible and make Glad Dads the premier dad-centered blog on the web. 

I gotta run… my daughter wants to play “Cinderella” and according to her I play a pretty good “Evil Stepmother.”  I look forward to meeting you all, even if it is just on a cyber level.

Have a great day, and as always,


Joe Beckman

P.S.  As of now Glad Dads is still in transition mode, and I will let you know when we have all of the details squared away.  In the meantime, if you would like to touch base or learn more, check out the website that I have started for dads and kids here in Minneapolis, go to http://www.papa-gio.net.  

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