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Party in the USA

Miley Sirus is here. She will be here for a long time. As parents we can either accept this and find redeeming qualities about her, her music, and her style...or we can complain, roll our eyes, and be miserable.

I choose the former. For two reasons.

Number 1. Because my daughter likes her and it is important for me to (if nothing else) show genuine interest in what is important to her.

Number 2. Generally speaking kids will rebel from their parents. It's encoded in their DNA. So I figure if I learn the "Hoedown Showdown", then eventually she will make "The Climb" away from Miley, and at that point... we will have a "Party in the USA."

Excuse me while I watch my favorite re-runs of Hanna Montana.

~Joe Beckman
Gladest Dad

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