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Prevailing Public Opinion On Formula Needs Work (RANT)


Warning: This is a rant of epic proportions!

Submitted by Danny Grubb, Seattle, WA

Yes, I know I’m a Dad. Guess what? I am allowed to have an opinion on breast feeding vs. formula feeding (so there!).  The reason I am choosing to voice my opinion now is because of the anti-formula argument that has been cropping up in the last day on the heels of the Similac Recall (Beetles? Really? WTF?).

Prevailing public opinion on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding is perfectly detailed in the comments section of this article where a mother made some great points about choosing to feed her baby formula. Then the torrent of “I know everything better than you do” comments began. That article has been generating new hate comments since 2006, the last one being 4 days ago! More evidence of the anti-formula movement? Try here and here.

Not All Mothers Can Breastfeed (And That’s OK!)

Here’s why I’m really opinionated on this issue. My wife could not breastfeed due to medical reasons. That however, wasn’t enough for some people who proceeded to tell us that if she doesn’t breastfeed the relationship between her and her children wouldn’t be as strong, that our kids wouldn’t grow up healthy, and that we would be bad parents.

Essentially these people are of the opinion that if its not breast milk, its poison. Chinese-made formula aside, I call bullshit on that notion.

Turns Out The “Lactating Elite” Can Be Very Wrong

Well, lo and behold our twins are now 18 months old, healthy as can be, and they absolutely ADORE their mother. Developmentally they’re coming along just fine and we are not abusive to our children! (same link from above) I could go on and on in what ways we are good parents and how healthy my children are, but what would be the point? Haters gonna hate.

Even the Children’s Hospital at University of Colorado, Denver concedes that bottle feeding is a good alternative to breastfeeding.

Breast Feeding Is Great!

I have nothing against breast feeding! If my wife and I would have had a choice in the matter we very likely would have chosen that route. What I do have something against, is this argument that breastfeeding is the ONLY viable way to provide your child good nutrition as an infant and that parents who don’t or can’t breastfeed are bad parents.

Our children are everything to us and we do everything we can to make sure they grow up happy and healthy. When people tell us that we’re poisoning our kids or that we are terrible people it just makes me sick to my stomach. We are not child abusers!

This article falls under the category of “I can’t believe I had to say it out loud.” What absolute rubbish that we have to put up with such crass nonsense in this day and age.

End Rant.

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