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Raising Two Completely Different Twins

IMG_3890.CR2Submitted by Danny Grubb, Seattle, WA

Yes they’re both girls, but that’s where the similarities stop. At any given time one of them is being a drama queen while the other one is a go-get-em stunt woman. The really funny part is that they keep switching back and forth every few months. As parents this can get a little frustrating. We get used to one of them having a certain personality and then ‘FLIP’ they’re complete opposites the other way.

Yes We Dress Them Alike (For Now)

We just can’t help ourselves. For my wife it’s cute to dress them alike, for me it’s easy. Once I’ve picked something out for one I just have to look for the same thing again. Often I don’t want to look for two identical pairs of socks so they go to daycare with different color feet (sorry Mom). Of course it doesn’t matter how we dress them, we still have a princess and a tomboy. Of course we never call them that.

The Dangers of Labeling Kids

If we call one the “Shy One” or the “Loud One”, eventually that label could stick, breeding frustration from a changing personality straining to get out. So we have these conversations quietly and without much fanfare. Truth be told, although its a little weird to shift gears every few months, its also a time to say “whew.” Whenever they switch personalities, that means they haven’t been pigeon holed. The next personality upgrade is always a surprise.

Going With The Flow

Believe me, as a parent of twins, I have learned to let things come. You kind of have to. You never know from one day to the next who is going to slap whom, who will say a new word, or who will blow out all over the couch. That’s just the way it is for parents of multiples, we live in the present with a mop, bucket and smile on our face. Yes its busy, but its the kind of busy I love.

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