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Dad Blog Haters: This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man!

2364378947_5686fe5269_m Submitted by Danny Grubb, Seattle, WA

I have always considered Dad Blogging to be quite a noble cause. My family is my first priority in life and I enjoy talking about lessons learned on my road to becoming a fully engaged family man. My readers so far seem to respond to that.

I was more than a little taken aback by what I had been reading over the last week about Dad Blogs. Some of the sources of this I am honestly not surprised at, but others were a shock. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, that occasionally some serious self-reflection is necessary. But this bout has gotten just a little out of hand.

As a good man once said:

This Aggression will not stand, man!

The Haters’ Arguments

I don’t want to name any names. But there is a growing sentiment both from within and without the Dad Blogging community that Dad Blogs suck. Their main arguments are thus:

  1. Dads don’t read Dad Blogs.
  2. Dad Blogs are one-dimensional.
  3. Dad Bloggers don’t have a strong community.
  4. Dad Blogs are preachy to Dads that already know what they’re doing.
  5. Dad Bloggers whine that society doesn’t appreciate Dads.
  6. The “Dads are awesome” message is off-putting.

The final argument is that because of the above things that Dad Bloggers need to change.

What’s really interesting is that some of these arguments are coming from Dad Bloggers themselves. So what they’re really saying is that “Dad Blogs other than mine suck.” But hey, we could throw jabs at each other all day, lets respond to each argument individually.

Dads Don’t Read Dad Blogs

Yet. Are my brethren losing patience in their efforts? Fatherhood (at least once you are one) is a life-long endeavor. You try and teach your kids how to be responsible adults, but you won’t find out if you’ve gotten through for at least 18 years. Why isn’t the long view being taken in terms of changing the conversation about Fatherhood? Dads don’t read Dad blogs… yet. I’m willing to bet that the number of Dads reading Dad blogs is increasing though.

Dad Blogs Are One-Dimensional

This is a hilarious statement. The one dimension that was referred to was (drum roll please) parenting! Anyone who has more than a passing interest in their child can tell you that parenting is a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, and multi-awesome endeavor. Just because most Dad Bloggers don’t consider sports, politics or cars on par with spending time with their kids, doesn’t mean that they are bad Dad Bloggers. On the contrary, these men should be celebrated. Screw sports, my kid just said a new word!

Dad Bloggers Don’t Have A Strong Community

Yet. Stop having the attention span of a squirrel and take a look at how the community is growing. There are many more Dad Blogs than there were last year, or even six months ago! The community is coming, and when it develops fully it will be unstoppable.

Dad Bloggers Are Preachy To Dads That Already Know What They’re Doing

Dads who already know what they’re doing. Now that’s an interesting statement. I don’t know any first-time parents who fully understand what they’re doing (me included – that’s why I started blogging). As for being preachy… maybe a little, but there are no innocents in that statement, only hypocrites.

If you already know what you’re doing then by all means contribute to the conversation. Write a guest post or comment on an article whose subject you already know everything about. The dad blog community would be lucky to have you.

Dad Bloggers Whine That Society Doesn’t Appreciate Dads

I personally haven’t come across this. Society appreciates Dads or you wouldn’t have any readers. Everyone has either had a father, been a father, or known a father. In the world we occupy there are no exceptions. If there are people whining how society doesn’t appreciate them they need to grow a pair… it doesn’t matter who you are, somebody hates you. Get used to it.

The “Dads Are Awesome” Message Is Off-Putting

Well then be prepared to be off-put. DADS ARE AWESOME! I don’t have to sit here and talk bad about Dads just to spare your feelings. I’m a Dad and I’m awesome. Any Dads who read this should say it to themselves… often. If you don’t think you’re an awesome dad then try reading some Dad Blogs that talk about parenting, you might learn something.

Dad Blogs Need To Change

I’m not going to tell anyone what to do. If you want to change your Dad Blog into a sports blog then fine, do it. But don’t expect me to read it. You can even say that your sports blog is a Dad Blog… but you’ll just lose credibility with your audience.

Dad blogs are not mom blogs, they are not sports blogs, and they are not political blogs. Draw all the comparisons you like, but we will continue to talk about parenting. It is (as it should be) our #1 priority. If you want to read about something else then go find a blog about that… they’re out there.

Men Of Priorities

Dad Bloggers: Here is opportunity #1 to stick together as a community. There has been an attack on Dad Blogs, and why? Because we like talking about parenting more than we like talking about other, less important things? That’s like saying that men are only as good as their hobbies, not their priorities. Let these jokers write about whatever comes into their little Dad-Blog hating heads!

Let these people know that its ok for Dad Bloggers to be men of priorities.


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