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Brilliant! Password Protection For Kids

82371497_4ca567f813 Submitted by Joe Beckman
Greetings Glad Dads fans! I wanted to share something that I heard when I was grabbing a beer with a friend of mine the other night. I don’t know is a true story or not, but it doesn’t matter once you hear the end result. The story is as follows:
An attempted kidnapping was prevented recently when the abductor got stumped by a question by the child he was trying to abduct.
The perpetrator patiently waited outside an elementary school for the final bell to ring. When it did he found the child he was looking for. “Hey Clara, my name is Fred Peterson, I’m friends with your mom. There’s been an emergency and she needs me to give you a ride home.”
“Okay, what’s the password?”
“The password?”
“My parents and I have a password so if anyone wants me to go anywhere with them when they’re not around, that person will know the password.”
“She didn’t give me a password, and you need to come with me right away.”
“I can’t go until I have the password.”
Knowing that he was running out of time, he insisted that the little girl come with him because it was an emergency. The girl refused a third time and at that point adults from the school noticed the stranger and began walking over to see what was going on. The man fled, the cops were called, and the man was later found and arrested.
Again, whether the story is 100% accurate, or if it’s even true, I don’t know. It sounds rather brilliant though doesn’t it? Now the chances of your kid(s) ever being in a situation like this is astronomically low, but it could happen and as parents shouldn’t we equip out tool belts with every possible safety tool there is?
My daughter’s only 3, and I doubt that she would even understand what this was all about. You can be sure however that once she reaches the age where she would understand this we’re going to have a password, and maybe just maybe it will be of her dad’s favorite artist to sing karokee to…Neil “the real deal” Diamond. Note: The password might also require singing the chorus to Sweet Caroline.

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