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Free Beer!

2906525394_1d560038ca_mSubmitted by Joe Beckman
I was hired to speak at a church in Denver a few weeks a back, and since I have a buddy that lives out in Fort Collins, and since baby #2 is coming in April I decided to head out a day early before my social life gets kicked to the curb.
Fort Collins is a great city for many reasons, but what makes it ultra special is the fact that it’s home to the New Belgium Brewery. New Belgium is famous for great micro beers such as Sunshine Wheat, 2 Below, Abbey, and of course…Fat Tire.
I’ve been to the brewery before but I had never taken the tour. My buddy tried to get us tickets and although he was informed they were full, we decided to head down to grab some samples anyway. Upon arrival a young beer hippie greets us with a smile and asks us if we are here for the tour.
“Ah…no…but should we be?”
He informs us that a group didn’t show, and if he had availability for us if we wanted.
“Hells yes,” I said.
We were promptly met with a free sample of beer, and we were off. A brief history of the company, stories from over the years, a walking tour of the different buildings, and of course…more FREE BEER.
By the end of this 2 hour adventure not only was I buzzed, but I got to thinking…”everyone man (and woman for that matter) should be able to experience this beer bliss once in their lives.”
The call to “buy local,” is stronger then ever, but that does not have to apply just to vegetables or pottery. Microbrews are popping up all over, and the truth of the matter is that most states have at least one if not more.
Women (and I know there are a lot of you who read this blog) if you are looking for the ultimate guy gift this holiday season, this is it. Better yet, call up some of his buddy’s wives, and find a time when a bunch of them could go. Or maybe you could go just the two of you, and you can give him the best date night of his life. It’s perfect for so many reasons, including the price…FREE. (if you really wanted to knock his socks off, pair this up with hilarious and heartwarming dad-shirt from Papa Gio)
I’ve already impressed my friends back at home with my knowledge on how New Belgium got it’s start, and the funny thing is, every time I drink one of their beers it tastes just that much better. Excuse me while I take a sip…(drinking)…ahhh…perfect.

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