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Tony Porter Issues A Powerful Call To Men

TonyPorter This is an incredibly important message about what Fathers teach their Sons.
His stories really hit a chord with me because I am a father of two girls and wonder what the boys of the next generation will be like. Of course his experience is unique to him, but I have to wonder how representative it is. How many boys in this country have had similar experiences that have shaped how they view women today and how they view themselves? How many of those boys are now passing down the same corrosive behaviors to their Sons?
This is something every Father needs to think about regardless of whether they are raising Sons or Daughters. The only way to tackle these issues is through serious introspection, communication and self improvement.
During my time blogging about parenting I have met and spoken with many Dads who are working hard on building a new Man Box. One where self respect and respect for others are equally important and where emotional honesty is valued instead of persecuted. I sincerely hope that more men join us in this Box.
All are welcome.

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