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Dream Warrior...

3278953926_77a9e83e58_m Submitted by Tron Mason

So what is it that everyone gets but no one wants?  What is it that leaves you shaken with fear and wishing for a return to the bleakest of realities?  Well nightmares of course!  Dreams that increase our heart rates and leave us sucking our thumbs in the fetal position (Don't judge me).  Now while I can't remember the last time I've had one, I can certainly remember the last time my boy did. 

As it stood, the youngster awoke in a cold sweat uttering words incomprehensible.  He then stared at me as he incoherently made his way back to reality.  "I had a bad dream," he muttered.  Clearly he was shaken and I thought it time we had a little talk.  A talk about my theory on how dreams can be controlled.  How I, after days of being chased by the most heinous of villains, the Hamburglar and Grimace "Mcduo," I turned and executed a flawless roundhouse kick to the kisser of the husky one!  Since then, sleep has never been so sweet!

As for the boy, he looked at me in amazement as I told my story and his eyes widened in disbelief.  "No you didn't Daddy!" "Why sure I did, just give it a try next time."  I don't know, but he seemed pretty amped as he brushed his teeth that morning.  I must admit, I "man beat" my chest confident that I had empowered the youth to master his dreams - to lead a thumb sucking and fetal position free slumber for the rest of his days!

But wait, out of the blue, a scuffle ensues as his older sibling sleepily walks into the bathroom and blocks an awkwardly executed surprise roundhouse effort to his face!  Apparently his brother had been the midnight antagonist that provoked said cold sweat!  Unfortunately, the youngster must have misinterpreted my awesome advice and wanted to put an end to it immediately!   This was unexpected and of course prompted the need for even awesomer advice!  "Son, hear me and hear me good.  If you can dream it - you can do it! But rearranging the order of my advice could leave you unprepared and experiencing something you really don't want.  Something like a counter punch to YOUR kisser leaving YOU in the (yep - you guessed it) fetal position!"

Now friends, while this story has a lasting impression for me, hear my words and hear me good!  This is not about nightmares nor is it about the condoning or promoting of assaults against chubby folks in giant furry puppet suits!  What it is about however is challenging our kids to dream BIG (in reality) and confidently facing their own personal "McDuo's." Because while no one wants them, we all have them.  So...take this awesome advice and empower them with the ability to envision their futures and immediately take the steps necessary to turn their dreams into a dreamy reality!  I guarantee - their sleep will never be so sweet!

To read more please be sure to purchase a copy of my soon to be published book chronicling my life as a single father.  Also, feel free to donate toward its costs if you so choose by clicking the donate button @ http://chroniclesofasinglefather.blogspot.com/. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

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