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Sentry Safe Giveaway: Protect Your Family Jewels

Submitted by Joe Beckman

Most dads, especially the sports minded ones, are probably cringing at the title of this; maybe even intrigued at what is to come next. Could they possibly be doing a review on “nut cups?” No way. Doing a review on that would require a type of experimentation that I would not look forward to. The family jewels were talking about protecting here are literally (in some cases) the jewels in your family.

When I think about a safe my first instinct is to picture a giant bank vault or something that rich people have in their wall only to be hidden by a tacky piece of art, but as Bob Dylan says…”the times, they are a changing” and safes are no longer just for the high and mighty serving to protect top secret information or compromising pictures of ranking politicians and CEO’s. Safes can help us peasants as well.

Upon arrival, I noticed instantly the weight of the Sentry Safe 1170B. It was well built, thick around the edges, and borderline heavy. “Holy crap there not messing around,” my wife said when she tried to pick it up. Instantly I felt like my prize possessions would be safe in this beast.

It came with a set of two keys to that opens and locks the safe. First inspection of this made me question how challenging it would be for someone with lock-picking experience to break into this. I don’t have knowledge in this area, but I have watched a lot of MacGyver in my life, and at first glance he may only need a dental floss, a marshmallow, and Chap Stick to bust it open. Par for the course for that modern day hero, but I think a thief worth their salt would be able to pick this bad boy.

Because of the thickness there is not a lot of room to put things. There are certainly larger options, but as you guess, the larger size equals larger price tag. It would be perfect for smaller prized possessions such as jewelry, documents, CD’s and any smaller item you can think of. Because it’s not a huge safe a thief could hypothetically come into your house and take it, but that might be it’s biggest advantage as well. Finding an amazing hiding spot would be that difficult as it could fit in most nooks and crannies around your home.

One of the best features to this product is its ability to stand up to heat. It would take 30 min of a fire to be directly on this safe in order for you to melt through it. This is a huge advantage over your typical file cabinet, and a key selling point for me if I were deciding to buy.

Bottom line: I really like this product. For me it’s going to work great as every CD full of pictures, DVD’s of my kiddos growing up, and any important paper work (birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificate etc…) will live here. Can one make the argument that a safe like this is unnecessary? I guess…I mean chances are pretty darn slim that you would ever use it to its fullest capacities, but point is…it could happen. And like security systems, bomb shelters, and life insurance it offers peace of mind. The simple fact that you own one clears away some mental real estate and as all parents know, that is hard to come by.

Tell us what you think. We’re going to give away a Sentry Safe 1100 Fire Chest to the person who can tell us two things in the comments below: #1. What would a full Sentry Safe contain if you could fill it with your top 3 prized possessions. Defend your choices well enough, and you my friend could win yourself a $60 safe.

Note: Danny and Joe like to laugh…please don’t just say, “I would keep my pictures and my computer, and my fish.“ All worthy choices, but a little boring. Get creative and have fun!

Giveaway ends 2/6/2011 at 11:59pm PST.

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