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Book Review & Giveaway: Fatherhood - Philosophy For Everyone

Submitted by Danny Grubb

Making sense of fatherhood is tough. Take it from a guy who is still trying to understand all of the meaning surrounding that word. What does it mean for me to be a father to my children and what does it mean for my children to have me for a father? Very few books try to get at the heart of the subject, leaving the search for an answer a very personal journey.

Since before my children were born I was looking for a book that would shed some light on the situation I was going to be in. This effort only resulted in me being surrounded in "how to" books... until now.

Fatherhood: Philosophy For Everyone is a spectacular book. Dense with essays written on everything from "Fatherhood and the meaning of life" by Michael Barnwell to "Real Fathers Bake Cookies" by Dan Collins-Cavanaugh, you will find meaning in these pages beyond the common daddy stereotypes.

Fatherhood is much more than being a protector, role model and disciplinarian. Every day that we are part of our children's lives is a miracle and every day we are challenged to figure out how best to honor that miracle. Reading this book will help you make sense of the gravity of fatherhood. What you make of the rest of the journey is up to you.

The publisher has kindly put up a copy of this book for one lucky Glad Dads reader. To enter you must comment below and tell us what being a dad means to you. Be as concise or verbose as you like, just be honest. You must comment by midnight PST on 3/8/2011. Good Luck!

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