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Tattoos For Children And Peace Of Mind For Adults

Submitted by Joe Beckman

It was the summer of 1987 when my parents told me the good news. We were taking family trip to Valleyfair; the single greatest entertainment park (next to Wally World of course) that I had ever witnessed. We loaded up the station wagon and my older brother Matt and I screamed in mischievous delight when my eldest sister chose not to join us in the way back of the vehicle (the third row seat that faced the back windshield) where we played a combination of G.I. Joe and “who can make the car following us laugh the fastest with our inappropriate actions.”

When we arrived, the plan was that we would stick together as a family and all of us would get a say in what rides we went on. The day was going swimmingly. No fighting, no whining, no hitting, no arguing, no mom getting so angry that she stopped the whole experience for a cigarette.

Then we passed under the Corkscrew.

A massive blue roller coaster that not only brought anxious park attendees up and subsequently down a steep hill but also looped them around upside down 3 separate times. I looked up as my family and I walked directly underneath the second of these loops. I was mesmerized. My eyes followed the screams of the scared teenagers, and I kept walking, keeping my eyes on the coaster as it came to a halt in the station.

“Oh my gosh you guys ARE GOING ON THAT NEXT!” I wailed with enthusiasm. But when I looked up, I realized my family was gone. I looked left…then right. “MOM? DAD?” I sputtered. I realized that the Corkscrew was so visually stimulating that when the coaster did its loop…so did I. Without realizing it, my body turned 180 degrees and I started walking in the exact opposite direction as the rest of my family. Eventually I got the guts to talk to a lady at the funnel cake stand, she called security and we ended up walking around the park until we found my family. It was close to an hour.

Now this is before cell phones, pagers, GPS devices and I think we can all agree that now a days it would take far less time for a 3rd grader to find his/her parents in a situation like that.

However, what happens if you are missing a toddler?

We all know how damn quick these little people can be, and most of us have experienced the overwhelming panic that takes over when after what seems like a split second you look up and realize you don’t know where your kid went. What if you were at a mall, or a park, or Disney World, or countless other places and this happened?

Enter TattooID.

I just came across this website, and I was floored at how awesome (and no-brainer) this product was. It’s a temporary tattoo with a border of your choosing (trucks, fish, pirates, princesses etc…). In the middle is the initials of your kid, and a “if lost please call….” And then your phone number.

Seriously brilliant. And even more brilliant is that it was conceived by the mind of a teenager. We sometimes think that those without kids of their own just don’t really get it, but Steven Gordon SO GETS IT!

As a dad this is that tangible product that we can really sink our teeth into. I can think of several places that I will slap this on my 4 year old (and I can hear her screaming in delight as I put it on). I might buy several orders for my cousin Ken who is a dad of twins, and another set for my friend Bo who has three kids under the age of 5. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks again Steven…on behalf of parents everywhere. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. Who knew it could come from a tattoo?

What do you all think? Is this something you would use? How would make it even better then it already is…I have a few ideas, but I want to know what you all are thinking.

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