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The Greatest Father's Day Gift Ever

Submitted by Danny Grubb

Last week my wife had her annual post-cancer visit with her OB. This is always an occasion to be nervous considering her medical history. The last few years have been uneventful, but this time was different...

It was 3 centimeters in diameter and looked like a cyst, but we didn't know what it's deal was yet. Was it going to be nothing or would it send our lives into another downward spiral? We would have to wait 2 days to find out.

For the first time in a long time I could feel the earth spinning so fast beneath my feet that I was afraid I might fall over. The last time I felt this dizzy was when one of my newborn twins was in the NICU with a broken arm and respiratory distress. You could say that I'm the rock in the family in the sense that when there's bad news I fall over and lie on the ground motionless.

An Embarrassment of Riches

With Father's Day coming up I once again find myself intently focused on what it means to be a husband and a father. I am acutely aware that being both endows me with so much love in my life that I frequently suffer from an embarrassment of riches.

I don't really want to answer when people ask me how I am. How could I possibly explain the lightness I feel in my chest every time one of my 2 year old's says "I love you, Daddy"? How can I describe how good it feels when my wife embraces me after either of us comes home from work? The language hasn't been invented that can describe such things. And yet...

It's odd to think how something only 3 centimeters big could impact my life. 3 centimeters could cause untold physical and emotional pain. 3 centimeters could change the way my children smile when I mention "Mama".

Finally, The Results Are In

My wife has 3 centimeters of boring, run of the mill cyst. It does cause her some discomfort, but it's nothing some ibuprofen can't fix.

And so it is that this Father's Day I remain obscenely rich in my family life. My wife and kids are healthy and happy... and that is what I really wanted for Father's Day.

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