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Restaurant Owner Discriminates Against Kids

Submitted by Danny Grubb

McDain's Restaurant and Golf Center in Monroeville PA is telling parents that as of Saturday children under age 6 will be banned.

The owner argues that as a Restaurant and Golf Center the business mainly caters to adults. He added that bringing children under 6 to a restaurant is "the height of being impolite and selfish."

My problem with that ban (and others like it) is this: Adults can be (and often are) just as loud, obnoxious and rude as the worst 3 year olds. Especially if those adults are over 21 and legally allowed to drink.

This is discrimination against kids. Sadly, many people are jumping to this owner's defense. If the owner had banned Senior Citizens with hearing problems for being too loud the outrage would be enormous. He would also be sued because seniors and minorities are protected under the law. Kids have no such legal protection.

More to the point of course is the reality that not all kids are loud and obnoxious in restaurants. Yet they are held to a higher standard because some adults just don't like kids. Maybe it's time for parents to seek out these establishments and sit their well-behaved children down at the proverbial lunch counter to demand rights for their children.

Let's ban obnoxious people, not kids.

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