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Focus, Clarity, and Blogging

Submitted by Danny Grubb

Occasionally I find more turmoil than focus in my world.

For the last nine months my various responsibilities were overlapping to such a large extent that blogging had to drop by the wayside for a while. I won't bore you with any details, suffice it to say that I found there were more things to do than hours in the day. If I dropped the ball on anything I had previously promised, I apologize. 

Now that I've found some renewed focus and clarity you can expect the following.

No More Sponsored Posts


Posting Schedule

No more forced content to meet an imaginary posting schedule. When I write something that I think you guys would like, I will post it. When I do not have a post that I feel you guys will appreciate, you will get nothing.


There's an Amazon banner in the sidebar. Which you can choose to ignore more easily than sponsored posts. How awesome is that?!

Positive Impact

Whenever appropriate, GladDads will serve as a tool for good. Like when the decision was made to start re-tweeting amber alerts. All suggestions to this end are welcome!


My priorities remain unchanged. My family, career, and health will always receive most of my time and attention with blogging getting the leftovers. The readers of most blogs probably wouldn't respect that, but I know you guys will. You stuck around through 9 months of silence for goodness sake!

Feel free to tear this post to pieces in the comments :)


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