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GladDads.com is run by two Dads living in different parts of the country. Although the content of this site is heavily community generated, its these two that are making the day-to-day decisions on what makes it onto the page. They are also the one's responsible if anything breaks... so please be careful.

Danny Grubb

When my twins were born in 2009 I thought I had prepared myself for fatherhood. I had leafed through some books and gotten some advice from people. All with the expectation of hitting the ground running. What happened instead is that I hit the ground... hard.

One of my twins was born breach and broke her arm on the way out. Now I know this is by no means a worst-case scenario, but I became physically ill with worry... something I would have told you an hour earlier was impossible. I would have called you an idiot for even suggesting such a thing. How can you be so worried that you literally stop digesting and the obscenely large breakfast you had just sits in the center of your gut for two days straight - not letting you maneuver it up or down?

So when my daughters were a few months old I was thinking back to that disastrous situation at the Hospital and said to myself " If everything about fatherhood is that eventful, I should really start a blog."
GladDads.com has grown into much more than an homage to my traumatic, anti-digestive episode. It is a place where parents can share the knowledge that has been earned in the trenches and learn from the experiences of others. This is also a place where parent and child related issues are discussed candidly and thoughtfully. We are the miscellaneous parenting blog: We handle the heavy issues and the light ones, the trivial and the epic, the hilarious and the depressing. I hope everyone who visits gets something out of our efforts.
Happy Reading,
Joe Beckman

Hello my name is Joe. I have a wife, and 2 kids and I work at non-profit factory. I was born, raised, and currently live in the Twin Cities. Sure it's cold...and I mean like really cold...but it's a great place to raise a family. Theater, sports, music, trails, lakes, and so much more. My daughter Sophia is around 4, and honestly for the first time since she's been born I'm starting to really get my parenting "sea legs" underneath me.

I love kids and I always have. I've never stopped being a kid, and I don't plan on it anytime soon. My respect for youth allows me to connect with youth, and I have the privilage for working for an amazing non-profit called Youth Frontiers. My job is to help facilitate day long programs for students in schools. It's my passion, it's right in my wheelhouse, and I am lucky to have found it. So when my daughter was born I was going to the best dad ever right? Yay...about that being good with kids thing. She didn't walk, she didn't talk...she didn't nap, some days she wouldn't crap...it wasn't what I imagined, and I struggled.

I started writing because I wanted to write everything about being a parent that on one ever told me. Yes it's amazing and wonderful and the best thing that's ever happenend to me, BUT it's also really really tough. That statement alone would have been a lifesaver. Our hope is that can get new dads to read and connect, expecting dads to read and prepare, and veteran dads to read and laugh.

So thanks for coming and joining the conversation. A conversation not just for dads, but moms, kids, grandparents, neighbors, and anyone else living in your communities. It's through conversation that we can learn from each other and ultimately become stronger spouse, partners, community members, and parents. And at the end of the day, isn't that really the point?

Peace in parenting!