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Danny Grubb View Articles by Danny Grubb here. Danny lives in Seattle with his wife and twin girls.  Although his parenting knowledge is not very extensive, he believes that any Dad - regardless of experience - has a story to tell and advice to give.  His goal for Glad Dads was to form a repository of advice for new Dads (and more selfishly, to further his own learning on all things regarding Daddyhood).

220-IMG_1271 Joe Beckman

View Articles by Joe Beckman here.

I am a youth worker,  public speaker,  DJ,  quarterback for a one-hand touch football team, group fitness instructor, but most importantly...dad.

I was frustrated with the lack of resources here in Minneapolis for dads, so I decided to start Papa Gio LLC.

At Papa Gio we are providing support and resources for dads who might be looking for answers, and who are hungry and eager to be the best dad, husband, partner, and papa that they can be.  http://www.papagio.net/

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Nate Smith View Articles by Nate Smith here. Nate Smith is a Portland based improvisational comedian, a husband, and a father. He's not sure which is hardest. Nate writes Improvising Fatherhood, a blog about the comedy of being a daddy.  Improvising Fatherhood is a Nosesplash Production. Nate also performs every weekend at the Curious Comedy Theater.
Keith Wilcox
Keith Wilcox

View Articles by Keith Wilcox here.

Keith Wilcox is a stay at home dad of two boys. He's from Boulder, Colorado.  He spends is days homeschooling his boys, playing, writing insightful articles, studying languages, and exercising.  His goal in writing his blog, http://www.almightydad.com/,  is to research parenting techniques and impart what he has learned to all those interested.
Tron Mason

View Articles by Tron Mason here.

Greetings!  My name is Tron Mason and I stand before you a Single dad.  One that spends his evenings tossing a baseball, shuttling his kids back and forth from activities, and making Mac and Cheese!  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  In raising my children, I have decided to document some of my experiences in the hopes of encouraging not only African American fathers but all fathers while leaving a "Legacy of Excellence."

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Jay Payleitner Jay Payleitner is a dad. But he pays his mortgage and feeds his family working as a freelance writer, ad man, speaker, creativity trainer and radio producer with credits including Today’s Father with Carey Casey. Jay served as the Executive Director for the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative and is a writer/producer/blogger for the National Center for Fathering. He is the author of The One Year Life Verse Devotional and the acclaimed modern parable Once Upon a Tandem. His most recent book is 52 Things Kids Need from their Dad with Harvest House Publishing. Jay and his high school sweetheart, Rita, have four sons, one daughter and one daughter-in-law and live in St. Charles, Illinois. Read his weekly dadblog atfathers52.com.