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The FTC is requiring all blogs to have a Disclosure Policy. And since GladDads.com is technically a blog we will gladly comply.

Why is the FTC making bloggers write disclosure policies? Because bloggers get free stuff (so I hear) from companies who want them to write reviews. Occasionally bloggers are even paid for their reviews (yikes!). This policy outlines how GladDads.com handles these touchy subjects.

The Policy

1. If you send free stuff for us to review it will be reviewed only if the product complements the spirit and mission of GladDads.com. The review will by honest (i.e. If your product is crap, we will call it crap) and the source of the product will be disclosed. Once the product has been reviewed it will be given away in a contest (If the product is crap, I will let my children try to flush it down the toilet – where crap goes).

2. GladDads.com will NEVER take money for writing a review. This practice diminishes a writer’s credibility and quite frankly, were better than that.

3. All writers who post to GladDads.com will be subject to the above rules.

4. Occasionally we may have a Sponsored Post on GladDads.com. These articles are an advertisers message being conveyed directly into an article with minimal to no editing in exchange for financial compensation. These posts will be clearly marked as "Sponsored Post" so there will be no confusion that this is the advertiser speaking, not GladDads.com. In addition these posts will be HEAVILY curated to ensure that the product or message is relevant to our readers.

You can always trust GladDads.com to be honest and truthful in all of our writing. We value our credibility and integrity above all else. If we have done something to make you think otherwise, challenge us and we will explain ourselves.